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An Epic Duet Of Down Syndrome Girl And Homeless Man Thrilled People Worldwide!

A homeless man blessed the world with the only thing that he has got – his voice. One Saturday morning, Kimberly and 8 years old daughter Nevaeh attended a charity event of providing food for the underprivileged. In this event, a homeless man was in attendance sitting at a pew. Nevaeh, a child who has down syndrome and is generally non-verbal went to him. He then picked up the kid and started singing the Christian song ‘I understand”. To the amazement of Nevaeh’s mother, she started responding warmly to the homeless man and also sang with him. This truly amazing moment was captured on video and generated millions of views in just a day.

Generally, we think of receiving a surprise in terms of material gain. We could never imagine saying ‘thank you’ to a homeless man, for it is usually us who gives something to them. Yet, this momentous moment was more than what money could buy. For Kimberly Phillips, Having a daughter who has non-verbal down syndrome makes many days difficult to manage. Also, not hearing Nevaeh’s voice and her being uncommunicative could oftentimes make her sad. Thus, when she heard Nevaeh singing with the homeless man, she felt so blessed to hear her daughter’s voice and was overjoyed to see her daughter responding so well to him. This epic moment gave her so much joy and has also warmed the heart of everyone who saw the video. Watch the video and know the love that this duo has for you.

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