LifestyleTouching Video: Army Veteran Reunited with Former Service Dog

Touching Video: Army Veteran Reunited with Former Service Dog

The bond formed between man and dog is so special that even years of being apart will not break it. This is what happened to an army veteran who reunited with his service dog, who served with him in Baghdad for three years.

Matthew Kropp had a job at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad monitoring visitors who enter the area as well as making sure that neither explosives nor any harmful material will make it inside the embassy. He started his job in 2014. Tina, a German Shepherd, worked alongside him. She was helping him sniff out threats and identify any harmful substance.

After three years of working together, putting their lives on the line, Tina eventually reached old age and had to be brought home to the U.S. However, Kropp had to stay in Iraq and continue serving.

Kropp recognized how invaluable Tina was during his stay in Iraq, saying, “Without her, I wouldn’t be able to live.”

In 2018, Kropp returned to the U.S. While he was already comfortable with his family, he decided to go and look for the faithful canine who stood by him when he was still in Iraq.

To locate Tina, Kropp contacted K9 Hero Haven, which is located in Pennsylvania. The organization helps former military dogs find lovely homes and they have already made more than 200 dogs really happy.

True enough, Tina was there, and as Kropp waited for her to come out, he grew quite nervous at the prospect that she would no longer recognize him.

“I’m hoping that she’s excited and that she remembers me. That’s what I’m really hoping for,” said the war veteran.

Of course, without any other form of introduction, Tina immediately recognized her master and the two spent wonderful moments playing together. Tina couldn’t even stop squirming.

Now that Kropp found Tina, a special arrangement was made for Kropp and his family to adopt the canine. And they did just that!

Indeed, the bond that Kropp and Tina formed while serving in Iraq was something so deep that time could never ever break!

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