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Tough Bikers Line up At Little Girls Lemonade Stand Then Mom Realizes She’s Seen Them Before

Whenever you see someone in need, be it someone you personally know or just a random stranger, do you instantly have the urge to extend a helping hand? People are good by nature. Some will even go the extra mile just to give help to others. Just like what Daryn Sturch, a nurse from Chili, Indiana, did to a group of injured motorcyclist.

It was September 2, 2018, when Daryn was driving with her daughter, Bryanne, and they came across an accident involving a group of motorcyclist. Many of them are badly injured and Daryn, being a nurse in profession, used her medical expertise and give first aid to the bikers.

“When I pulled up, it looked like one of them had lost control and their bikes got tangled. I parked a ways away so my daughter wouldn’t see and I ran up. They had some severe injuries.” Said Daryn. “I told my daughter I need to help and ran up to assist. I learned later that the victims were affiliated with a group called Miwaukee Iron.”

5 bikers were injured and Daryn never left them until the paramedics arrived. The bikers recovered and reached out to Daryn on Facebook.

“I started getting a lot of messages from bikers thanking me for being there that day. They are the first to cheer me on and root for me and let me know they are thinking of me.”

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The group and Daryn kept in touch and a year after the accident, the Miwaukee Iron decided to pay a visit to Daryn to show their support to her daughter’s lemonade stand.

Bryanne, Daryn’s 8-year-old daughter, held a lemonade stand in order to raise money and buy equipment for her horse. Her first attempt was not successful at all, the Miwaukee Iron heard about the situation and told Daryn that they will be in the area on September 15 and would gladly buy some refreshing lemonade.

Little did they know that 30 bikers will show up at the girl’s lemonade stand.

“I had no idea how many there would be and they were so generous. She was charging $1, and I bet every one of them gave a $5 or $10 or $20”. Bryanne was as happy as she could be. It was a good thing I was wearing a waterproof mascara that day.” said Daryn. “Not only did they make my daughter’s lemonade stand unforgettable, but reuniting with these people and seeing how well they are doing was such a fantastic surprise!”

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to give help to others? Because of the accident, they built a friendship that will surely last a lifetime. What about you? What do you think of the situation?

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