Atheist Army Vet Attempted Suicide but God Came In His Life

For atheists, believing in God would require a 180-degree turnaround. This would mean turning your back from your steadfast belief about the existence of God. However, God does not discriminate, such that even if you are an atheist like Bryan Flanery, God always finds a way to bring you into the fold.

A war-tested member of the army, Bryan reached a point in his life where he was in a severe state of despair. The emotional scars brought about by the war got into him that he was already on the verge of ending his life.

According to Bryan, during an interview conducted by PureFlix with him and his wife, he has already swallowed two bottles of pills. After doing it, he got to laugh at the realization that things would soon be over.

“In a barracks room, I swallowed two bottles of pills and sat back on a bed and laughed and smiled for the first time in two years because I knew that everything was almost over…I failed, which is another weird God thing,” recounted Bryan.

Based on the account of Bryan, one would see how God would use “strange” people or circumstances to intervene at the right time. He recounted how a soldier whom he outranked and hardly speak with came to the room just to see if he would want to play a video game. It was then that the soldier saw he was already dying. That guy saved his life.

According to him, he wasn’t able to think of such events as “God moments.” Today, however, Bryan is a different story. He was able to look back and ascertain that those special times were indeed moments where God was there, stepping in to save him.

“I can look back now and I can see how God was moving,” revealed Bryan. His story indeed proves that God never abandons His children. He would always find ways and means to save us from the pit.

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