ArchiveBorn without Legs, American Gymnast Believes God Did This 'for A Purpose'

Born without Legs, American Gymnast Believes God Did This ‘for A Purpose’

Born without legs, everyone thought Jen Bricker-Bauer is destined to live a life of hardships. But Jen believes that everything happens for a reason and that God did that on purpose and that purpose is for her to use her story in order to touch other people’s lives.

Jen shared her story of how she was left alone in the hospital when she was a baby with no name and was put up for adoption. It may sound harsh to other people but her misfortune was what brought her to her amazing adoptive parents who fought for her and gave her the life that she deserves. Jen said her family has one rule, “Never say can’t!” and that is exactly what she did.

She grew a liking for gymnastics and even idolized the Olympic Gold Medalist, Dominique Moceanu so she competed against able-bodied athletes and even became the State Champion in power tumbling only to find out that Moceanu was actually her biological sister. She found out that God spared her from an abusive household, she was spared from a family that will not believe in her capabilities and she was thankful that God did not abandon her and gave her the family that will love her and cherishes her.

Sometimes we may think that God punishes us for whatever reason. That He doesn’t love us because we are born different than normal people or because we are in a situation we don’t like but just like what Jen believes in, God has a reason for everything. Some of us may not know what the reason is yet but trust that whatever that reason is, it is for the good.

Now, Jen published a book entitled, “Everything is possible!” where she shared her story in hopes of inspiring us to “Never say can’t!”

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