Biker Gang Defends 5-year Old Girl from Bullies

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a group of neighborhood kids jumped and beat up a 5-year-old girl with a mental disability as she walked home from school.

A biker gang named The Punishers was told about it and quickly mounted their motorcycles to take action by talking to the bullied girl.

Military veterans, EMS workers, firefighters, and former police officers make up the Punishers. The organization is actually a national motorcycle club with the goal of assisting local communities.

“We rounded up all the bikes and we rode over to the little girl’s house and said hi,” biker Aaron Holmes said

They had to be there for the five-year-old victim who suffers from a mental illness. Her family claimed she was just walking home from school when she was attacked and beaten up by the neighborhood kids.

When the girl warmed up to them, the Punisher group claimed they formed a special bond with her. They told her that they would always be there for her. 

According to the Punishers’ motto, they possess the highest moral and ethical values with uncompromised integrity, trust, and dedication. Their mission is “to feel the freedom of the wind in our face, and help those who aren’t fortunate enough to have that same feeling.” They also sponsor a minor league baseball team in their hometown.

The Punishers bike club are always clad in black and ride on loud motorcycles. They look scary but they have a soft heart and are ready to help other people. This is to say people should not be quick to judge people based on their appearances. Judgment is a no-no; patience in waiting to fully know who they are should happen first.

According to the Bible, we will know what is inside the heart of man by what they say. We will also come to know a person by the fruit of his or her hands. 

Like these bikers, we would have easily shrugged them off as unruly and misfits. But seeing their efforts, they were the little girl’s guardian angels all along.

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