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Boy Got A Hold Of Electric Clippers, When He Turns Around, The Result Let the Dad Breathless!

Daddy left his razor for a moment then hears a whirring sound. When he turns around he was left breathless! His little son had just given himself a haircut! The little boy had shaven most of his front hair and there is no other recourse but to shave all of it. However, before the dad fixes the problem he took a video of this moment in order to remind the boy not to be rash in doing things. Daddy rebukes son lovingly and asked him to promise not to touch daddy’s razor again. Dad’s discipline was stern but very much needed since a second time could endanger his son.

This video produced a lot of laughter literally! Yet, it reminded everyone of the same mistake they had done to self when they were young. Memories of our foolishness and reckless action comes racing back with clarity and mirth. Oh, those days when we were young and without care or caution we rushed headlong into doing things that we later regretted. In those times our parents rebuke and discipline did straighten us. We came off better because they did their part of admonishing, disciplining yet loving us at the same time. As said in the golden book For the Lord disciplines the one He loves, and He chastises everyone He receives as a son.”Watch the video and just have fun.

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