Boy Tried To Steal A Kiss From Little Girl, What They Did Next Made The Audience Clap Their Hands

We always have that one thing that we love to do or it could be a favorite sport that we love. We practice a lot just to make sure that we are able to do it perfectly and in ways that other people would admire us. We strive hard to get something that we really want to achieve and with the help of God, all of the desires of our heart will be granted if only we ask Jesus.

Ice skating is one of the amazing sports that we love watching. Performing inside an ice court with your feet between 2 thin metals could be very difficult but it is so lovely watching somebody gracefully dancing on the ice. Ice skating requires balance all throughout your body and it needs patience in order to succeed. A cute little boy and a girl participated in an ice skating competition wherein they inserted an awesome trick on their performance. Both of them are part of Team Ilya Averbukh and they could really perform well. Ilya Averbukh is a Russian ice skater who won a silver medal in 2002 Olympics. Ilya is not getting any younger at all so because of her love and passion for ice skating, she managed and coached several kids to do it the right way.

The boy and the girl were first lying on the floor flat and the people started to feel excited of what their performance would be. The crowd started to shout when they heard the song Hallelujah which for sure would be a great performance. They were so equipped and they have maintained a good balance all throughout their performance. Watch the video below and you will surely be amazed by what these kids can do.

Ледниковый период. Дети. Эвелина Покраснетьева и Илья Макаров – “Hallelujah”(20.05.2018)
Финал. Произвольная программа. Музыка – “Свободная тема”. Спортсмены из команды Ильи Авербуха выступают под песню Леонарда Коэна в исполнении Руфуса Уэйнрайта.

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