Casting Crowns Released Official Video For New Album “Only Jesus”, Must Watch!

Casting Crowns Released Official Video For New Album “Only Jesus”, Must Watch!

In times of sorrow and despair, we tend to lose hope. We feel hopeless and discouraged as our whole state of being starts to get weak. We feel like nobody out there is willing to help us. We cry for help but nobody cares about our situation. Nobody is available to rescue us when we need help the most. We are all facing different problems in life and we are trying to cope up individually.

Casting Crowns is back on top releasing an official video for their newest album Only Jesus. This album caught the crowd’s attention because of the meaningful lyrics of the song. This brings a message to everyone that in times of troubles, only Jesus can rescue us. The Lord is our refuge and our strength. He alone can supply all power in the world. He is the answer to all prayers. His arms are open to carry His children. Lay your burdens to Jesus and He will surely give you rest.

Casting Crowns continue to spread God’s message in order for the whole world to know what God wants us to do. The lyrics of their songs brings a sweet message of salvation and it gives their listeners hope to continue fighting in order to live. It serves as an encouragement for the weak to gain strength through God’s power. God is omnipotent and omnipresent, he looks at His children and saves them from danger. He alone is worthy of our praise. Have you received Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior? Watch the video below and understand how important it is to trust Only Jesus!

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