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Catholic Church in San Francisco Lets 225 Homeless People Sleep Inside Every Night

Homelessness is a major issue in nearly every area of the U.S., but one church is doing its part to help. St. Boniface Catholic Church in San Francisco, in collaboration with the Gubbio Project has been giving the homeless a place to sleep since 2004.

Some of the people sleeping there are probably getting the best night’s sleep they have had in a while because in shelters they cannot fully sleep for fear of thieves or assaults. The church provides a pew for tired homeless people with no questions asked, no religious requirements, and no forms to fill out.

In the mornings during daily mass, one-third of the pews are used for attenders while two-thirds remain undisturbed for the sleeping guests. The Gubbio project has even invited guest speakers such as Martin Sheen and Father Greg Boyle to provide guidance and encouragement to the homeless.

One YouTube commenter wrote, “This is true ministry”… Other churches, such as Beth Emmanuel Church in Ontario, Canada and several churches in New Jersey; and at least one local government in Niagara Falls, are following the example of St. Boniface.


However, there is an even greater example to be followed here. The Lord does not want His people to minister only to the spirit and neglect the physical needs of the people around them. He showed believers in feeding 5000-plus people, healing the sick and lame, and teaching we are to give alms to the poor, how we can minister to the physical needs of others.

The early New Testament church was active in relieving the physical burdens of the poor. However, we seem to have lost the concept in modern times—preferring to focus more on gathering than giving.

The Lord expects His people to help the poor through the church. St. Boniface offers Christians a practical demonstration of how believers can do this.

Source:, The Gubbio Project

Feature image source: The Gubbio Project Photos and Videos

Image sources: The Gubbio Project Photos and Videos

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