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Chad Graham Brings Out The Best In Him “Who Am I” And “Praise You In The Storm” Perfect Rendition

Nothing in this world is more precious than the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross of Calvary. Nobody in this world can show greater love than the love of Jesus that was given to men. God has bestowed us the gift of life and showered us with His blessings. He alone is worthy of our praise for He saved us from our sins. We were all created with a purpose, and that purpose is to serve His ministry.

Chad Graham is the vocalist of the famous group Anthem Lights. He started his solo career in the fall of 2007. He is the founder of the Christian rock band Anthem Lights who became famous because of their special talent in singing. Chad is originally from Fort Myers, Florida but has lived a long time in Los Angeles, California, and Nashville, Tennessee. He was luckily married to Fallon Graham in 2013. Now he’s back on the stage with his Casting Crowns medley cover where he beautifully sang “Who Am I” and “Praise You In The Storm”.

Chad became close to everyone’s heart because of his nice personality. He used the talent given by God and nurtured it through practice. It is so sweet to listen to set of gospel songs from Chad Graham. His voice is so inspiring and it is so sweet to introduce Jesus through his music. Watch the video and be inspired by Chad Graham’s Casting Crowns medley.

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