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The Girl Who Died, Went to Heaven, and Returned!

Listen to this amazing testimony of someone who died, went to heaven, and returned.

When you meet God you will never be the same.

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  1. When you die your spirit goes to Paradise where Jesus is at when the the other man that was on the other cross look to Jesus and said will you forgive me when Jesus says yes you will be in Paradise With Me the spirit I believe the same as the Holy Ghost Anything is Possible

  2. You know for all the nay sayers that are saying come on read the Bible it’s all there. Ok what about when Jesus came to earth? What did most say? This is not the Messiah we have been waiting for. If this really was the Messiah we were waiting for then He wouldn’t conspire with complete sinners. So yes I do believe. I believe God is doing this more and more so that His people know He is coming back and also in hopes more will want to except Him.

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