Couple Married in 1946 Holds A Real Wedding They Never Got to Celebrate 75th Anniversary

Marriages require hard work, commitment, respect, loyalty, and trust. Being married to someone for years is truly a blessing not everyone gets to experience.

So, imagine what it’s like to be married to your best friend and to be with the same person for 75 years. This is what Lorraine and Ulysses Dawson were blessed with. In October, the couple went viral because of their touching love story.

Credit: Couple celebrates 75th anniversary by recreating wedding / 9NEWS

Lorraine, Ulysses Dawson details their love story

Lorraine and Ulysses first met when they were just teenagers. The former found the latter very attractive to the point that she made sure to get his attention.

When Lorraine was 17 and Ulysses was 19, they decided to tie the knot. But because World War II was looming, they weren’t able to have a reception.

The couple exchanged vows in a quick ceremony, but they never questioned why their wedding was simple compared to other people that they know. After all, the Dawsons decided to put their trust in God completely.

Lorraine, Ulysses Dawson’s children made their dreams come true

Seventy-five years later, Lorraine made a comment that caught the attention of her nine children. She told them that she had never experienced what it’s like to have a huge wedding and so her children planned renewal of vows ceremony for their parents complete with a grand reception.

Since Ulysses served in the military, he wore a replica of his uniform from back in the day. Lorraine, on the other hand, wore a stunning white gown. Because of their age, Lorraine and Ulysses renewed their vows while in a wheelchair.

One of the couple’s siblings shared how Ulysses kept crying throughout the entire ceremony and even at the reception, which showed just how much he loves his wife.

“I couldn’t retain myself after I [saw] my dad. Sitting upfront in his uniform, he was so handsome. All he could do was cry. He cried mainly through the whole thing,” Rita Poling said.

The Dawsons share their marriage secrets

When the couple was asked to share their secrets to a lasting marriage, Lorraine said that it’s important for married couples to remember that both parties require 50/50 effort.

Lorraine said that it’s not true that one person in the marriage can give 80 percent while the other is only giving 20 percent or vice versa.

Ulysses added that the secret to a lasting marriage is to put God first, because God is the one that guides and blesses all legal unions.

“Our prayers were answered, and I thank God for it all. The knot was tied awful tight, and it’s still holding,” Ulysses said.

Ulysses and Lorraine are the perfect examples that marriages can still work regardless of how difficult things may get. As long as you are with the right person and God is at the center of your relationship, nothing can go wrong.

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