David Patten, Three-time Super Bowl Champion and Devout Christian Dies After Fatal Accident

Following a fatal motorcycle accident on September 2, 2021, David Patten died at 47 outside Columbia, South Carolina.

According to reports, Patten collided with two other cars after crossing the median, according to South Carolina Highway Patrol Lance Cpl. Nick Pye. One of the car’s drivers was taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

Patten played for the NFL and has been part of five teams as a wide receiver. 

People who were close to him were heartbroken when they learned of the news. Owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, said, “”I am heartbroken by the news of David’s passing. “He was a devout Christian who followed his passion following his football career and founded his own ministry. David transitioned from an undersized and understated wide receiver to a powerful and passionate preacher.”

Former Patriots teammate and outspoken Christian Benjamin Watson gave insight on how Patten lived his life as a Christian among them saying, ““God blessed me to have DP in the locker next to mine at a challenging time in my life. He demonstrated his faith in a real and tangible way and encouraged me greatly. He preached the gospel to all who would hear.”

Watson ended his tribute by saying, “Now go enjoy your reward!!! May the Lord comfort the Patten family, friend[s], teammates and coaches during this difficult time.”

Patten’s life was changed when he met Jesus. When he understood the meaning of following Christ, he has been devoted ever since. His success as a successful football player is overshadowed by his passion for God.

“I didn’t want to just preach for the sake of just preaching and studying the script and coming up with great sermons, and as God began to reveal His truth to me and I started [to] just think about the various stories, they are all inspiring,” Patten said.

“Everybody remembers me as the three-time Super Bowl Champion…but, I truly believe that my desire and how God elevates me that when people remember me, they will remember me as the next great preacher.” He added.

New England Patriots pay tribute to David Patten. | Source
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