Deaf Children Praying Through Sign Language Showing All Things Are Possible By Faith

Prayer is the greatest weapon that nothing can defeat. We have heard a lot of stories and testimonies how prayer has overcome a worst situation in life. Prayer has rescued a lot of people from unexpected danger along the way and that the result was positive. Whatever it is that comes along the way, God is always there to help us as long as we call unto His name through the power of prayers.

It is by faith that we believe that God will rescue us from our worst nightmare and as long as we believe, miracles are about to happen. A video of deaf children was seen and became viral as it strengthens the beliefs of Christians and has turned the way of the wicked. They were about to eat and despite of their condition being deaf, they did not forget to pray and thank God for the blessing that they are about to partake.

There are times that we pray steadfastly the moment that we ask God for something that we need. But the moment God has already answered our prayer, we tend to forget thanking Him for the blessings. Watch the video below and be inspired of the lives of these deaf children who doesn’t make their condition a hindrance in worshiping and praising the Lord Jesus Christ.

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