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11-Year-Old Boy Genius Out to Prove Stephen Hawking is Wrong; There Is a God

Renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is wrong. ‘There is God,’ 11-year old genius William Maillis asserted.

As we know, Stephen Hawking has been a firm believer that God does not exists. In a statement, Hawking wrote, Before we understood science, it was natural to believe that God created the universe, but now, science offers a more convincing explanation.”

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However, William Maillis, a boy genius who finished college at 11, want to contest this idea. His alternative theory proving the existence of God awed netizens and made him famous.

This is how William Maillis logic goes: 

“We know the universe has an age, right? 13.8 billion years. So, 13.8 billion years ago, the entire universe was reduced to a singularity, a particle smaller than a quark. However, if gravity is always working, i.e.: if you jumped off this building, you’re not going to fall 15 seconds later, you’re going to fall immediately, so, if gravity was always working, and the singularity was always there […] then the universe should have no age, it should be infinitely old. But it’s not, it’s 13.8 billion years old. And something can’t come from nothing, because it would have to exist in order to cause itself to exist, which is illogical. So, therefore, something other must have created the singularity, and that something other me observe as God.”

William believes in the presence of an ‘outside force’ behind the creation of the celestial bodies and the universe. And, according to him, there is nothing else responsible for all these things aside from God. 

The validity and soundness of William’s idea hold promise in the world of science and philosophy and may cause a paradigm shift in the future! 

Would you like to make an ‘educated guess’ on what William Maillis would like to become? 

William shared that he wanted to become an astrophysicist to realize his ultimate life passion.

“I want to be an astrophysicist so that I can prove to the scientific world that God does exist,” he shared in an interview

Despite William’s precociousness, his father, Peter Maillis, said his child is a pretty ‘normal’ young boy. 

“We’re normal people. And he’s a normal kid. You can’t distinguish him from other 11-year-olds. He likes sports, television shows, the computer, and video games like everyone else,” he explained.

William Maillis is a child prodigy. After graduating high school at age 9, he started attending college classes at St. Petersburg College and completed an associate in arts degree two years later, in July 2018. Then, he pursued further education at Carnegie Mellon University, a step to realize his dream of becoming an astrophysicist. 

Even during his early months as a baby, William started showing precocious abilities such as speaking in complete sentences at seven months old. Before he turned two years old, he already mastered addition and multiplication. William likes to learn new things. At four years old, he started learning Algebra, sign language, and Greek. 

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