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Famous Musicians Thank Billy Graham in A Song of Gratitude

People remember and commemorate people in different ways. One of the most common methods is to write a song about that person’s life.

What’s different about this tribute song is its subject. Not a lot of people will expect a song to be written about evangelist Billy Graham. The song was written by Pat Boone. Boone, during the start of his career, was a rock and roll icon who was never ashamed to tell others about his faith.

Credit: GoldLabelArtists / YouTube

However, even though it was unexpected, different artists pitched in to complete the song. They came together to bring tribute to a person whom God used mightily to spread the Gospel.

The genesis of the song began with Pat Boone. He said that Graham had a huge impact on his life. Billy Dean was equally touched by the reverend’s life. The song is a thank you to the life and ministry of Billy Graham.

In the lyrics, they wrote about the humble beginnings and childhood of Graham. Then they also asked other gospel artists to sing with them. 

Credit: GoldLabelArtists / YouTube

Billy Graham had monumental success in preaching to people. He preached in large venues all around the world. He proclaimed the love of God, many of those who heard him gave up their lives to follow Christ.

God blessed Graham and gave him the opportunity to talk and build relationships with influential people. He was friends with presidents, kings, and even various religious leaders. He did all of these to advance the kingdom of God here on earth.

The video they made captured all these in documentary-style editing, with the song playing to emphasize each point. 

Credit: GoldLabelArtists / YouTube

They made the song in the style of We Are The World which featured different artists. Some of them include Andrae Crouch, LeAnn Rimes, Pat Boone himself, and many others. They all sang their hearts out to commemorate a God-sent preacher for our time.

In the intro of the video, Bono, the frontman of U2, gave a brief introduction. He said that he was thankful for how Billy Graham made the Gospel easy to understand for many people, including Bono himself. Billy Graham was a “sane” voice amidst the noisy and “bumper sticker reductionism” that religion has come to, he said.

What Bono said was also mentioned in the lyrics of the song:

He said it so we all could understand./ Around the world, here at home,/ He let us know we’re not alone./ Oh, thank you, Billy Graham.

The chorus is where the main message of the song was:

He heard the word, he got the call/ He took the message to us all/ He said it so we all could understand/ Around the world, here at home/ He let us know we’re not alone/ Oh, thank you, Billy Graham…

Billy Graham died on February 21, 2018. He was awarded various plaques and recognition. But the greatest achievement he enjoys right now is not just the thanks of those whom he touched, but of the “Well done, good and faithful servant,” from his Lord, Savior, and King, Jesus Christ.

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