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Firefighter’s Encounter With Deaf Boy Brightened His Day Changing His Life, Video Went Viral

There are people who were born special in some ways while some needs more attention and care from others. Whatever it is, everyone needs to treat each and everyone with respect and kindness. Children who are born with disabilities are those who need love and care to let them feel that they are not different but they are just like other kids out there who can live a normal life.

A firefighter named Lieutenant Mike Rheault was on duty to inspect a particular apartment because of the fire alarms that went off. He encountered a resident on that certain apartment named Amy Mccall together with her son who has a cerebral palsy and unable to talk named Tegan. Lieutenant Rheault felt that Tegan feels like speaking to him the moment that he saw the boy so he started a conversation through sign language.

Amy was surprised that for the first time she saw her son with a smile on his face knowing that somebody is interested in talking to him. Lieutenant Rheault know the sign language very well because it is the first language that he learned since his parents were both deaf. To Amy’s joy, she posted the video on Twitter and it gained thousands of views. Watch the video below and start your day making other people’s day even brighter.

Firefighter’s sign language conversation with boy goes viral
A special moment of communication between a boy and a Manchester fire lieutenant was caught on camera, and the video that has now gone viral. Subscribe to WMUR on YouTube now for more: Get more Manchester news: Like us: Follow us: Instagram:

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