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Woman Raises $3,000 for Pregnant Fast-Food Worker Attacked by Angry Customer with Drink

Bryanna crying tears of joy from all the help she received after being mistreated at her job. | Source

Those in the food industry are well aware of the challenges that come with working with people. Regardless of how hard you try to facilitate customers, some will never be satisfied or grateful. And if you make one mistake, some people are likely to become incensed.

Feroza Syed couldn’t believe what she was witnessing in front of her: a man hurled a large drink directly at a woman working at a fast-food restaurant in suburban Atlanta’s drive-thru window.

The reason was that he just didn’t want ice in his drink. That was enough reason for him to douse Bryanna with the sticky soda. Syed left her a $20 tip, expressed her displeasure with the man’s actions, and offered to call the cops.

But Syed still wasn’t finished. She asked her Facebook friends and followers if they would send “$5 or (whatever)” to her Venmo or Cash App, and she would figure out a way to get the money to Bryanna.

That’s when the donations poured in. “A large portion of the donations were $5, $10, $20 and that totaled up to a large sum of money,” said Syed.

According to Syed, she assumed she could raise $300 or $400 for her to buy something nice or get her hair done, but by 24 hours later, the donation reached $1,700. And weeks later, over $3k was raised.

The donations included a card that showed their support for Bryanna. | Source

Bryanna’s manager told her a few days after the incident that the woman who witnessed the incident was trying to contact her. They eventually saw each other. When they met again, Bryanna said, “She gave me the envelope and I couldn’t do anything but cry because I wasn’t expecting that.”

“[Feroza] has been a blessing,” Bryanna said. “There’s still some good people out there.”

Thank God for the Good Samaritans who come to our aid when we are in need. We never know how someone will support us, especially in the most unexpected of circumstances.

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