Former Jehovah’s Witness Sees The Truth About God And Implores Others To Read The Bible

I was born and raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. When I was six my dad was disfellowshipped because he was gay and so he left me, my mom and my brother. He still believes the Witnesses even though he is transgendered now. I don’t believe they are letting him get back in.

When I was a teenager I would question what the Bible said and what my church was teaching me and I would get into trouble for it. Then one day my mother told me that Jehovah’s Witness is a cult and that I should not listen to their teachings. My mom stopped going to church since my dad left us and she said she has been saved. She kept praying for me and in December 1989 I called out to Jesus and asked Him to show me the truth. I cried out to him during that one particular day when my mom and I were crying and she stormed out on me.

It’s funny because as a witness you’re taught that you’re in the truth already. The reason why I called out to God was because of my mom who has been tirelessly praying for me. I asked Him to reveal himself to me. I was willing to accept whether he reveals himself as Jesus Christ or Jehovah.

I remember on Feb. 19, 1990, my mom asked me to watch this movie called “Witnesses of Jehovah.” I said okay and I was watching it I got to see all the deceptions, the lies, and I remember the 1975 warning from Jehovah’s Witness that the world was going to end. From then I realized that they have been false prophecying and I knew that I had been lied to. I knew then that Jesus was God and He is my savior. God answered my call to show himself to me and to show the truth.

I accepted him as my savior I trust him for my salvation. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I’m so grateful and so thankful. If you are watching this and thinking of studying with the Witnesses I implore you to go straight to God and read the Bible for yourself.

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