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11 Years Old Decided To Sing One of Word’s Hardest Songs. After Just A Few Notes The Judges Jumped From Their Seats

Serena Rigacci had always dreamed of performing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” in front of a large audience, and finally, she got her chance during an audition for the reality talent show Next Star. The stage was set to resemble falling rain, and the lights gently flickered down on Serena as she began to sing.

From the first two words, the judges were already impressed with Serena’s voice and emotional control. The audience agreed, shouting “bravo” throughout her entire performance. Despite being a child, Serena made an incredible first impression with her singing abilities.

The film and audio crew of Next Star captured Serena’s lovely voice and all the emotions that went into her performance of a lifetime. Her pale pink lace dress complemented her powerful voice and skilled performance. Halfway through the performance, the audience was on their feet, but Serena had not yet shown her full talent.

Later in the song, a flawless key change occurred, making the audience and judges go even crazier for Serena. She maintained her composure and poise, even as the judges energetically rose to their feet with applause. The fact that several people in the audience began to cry is a testament to Serena’s skill as a singer. With this performance, the judges and audience were convinced that Serena was a bona fide star.

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