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Gay Man Changed By God, Ends-up Married With Three Daughters

Brian Wheelock considers his conversion from being gay to a straight man a miracle.   According to LifeSiteNews, Wheelock “fully immersed in the homosexual lifestyle of pornography, lust, and self-gratification. “

During his testimony at the Second Annual ‘Freedom March in Washington, he said that he felt empty and tethered towards depressions. He felt restless amidst his many relationships, pornography, and sexual satisfaction.

Then, the ‘hand of God started to nudge him.

After spending night after nights with hookups and partying, Wheelock saw his life from a different perspective. In an excerpt from his journal published by LifeSiteNews, he writes:

“Just went home with a guy I know from work and hooked up. I can’t believe I did that. This has to be the last time – I am so done with this life. Though my feelings are real- I just don’t think I’ll be happy 20-30 years down the road living with some guy. Somehow it just doesn’t seem right.

“Last night I had a dream- a vision from God.  I dreamt that I got married (to a girl!) who has a medium build with long brown hair.  She was beautiful.  Together we had 3 or 4 kids…it was hard to tell.  But I could clearly see the oldest.  A girl- a beautiful girl- with long brown hair.  She was twirling and spinning with flowers in her hair and the biggest smile on her face.”

Experiencing a deep sense of renewal, he promised to God that he would change his life. Wheelock knew that his radical decision wouldn’t be easy.  Leaving behind years of self-gratification opens a landscape of temptations that he must overcome. He trusted in the Lord and committed to his pursuit of a new life.

Aside from going to church, he read the Bible and allowed the Word of God to permeate him.  While his gradual healing ensued, Wheelock mistrusted himself.  He could revert to his old ways at the snap of his finger.

So, he produced a handwritten contract between him and God, where he promised to dispel sinful thoughts and overcome his lustful inclinations. Wheelock signed this contract twice a  day. This document had a profound impact on him as the grace of Jesus descended like the light of a hundred suns.

He met his future wife, Pam and from there, it led to a meaningful relationship until they got married. Now, he has a family with three daughters. The dream that showed him became his dream a reality.

“I look at my girls and sometimes cry,” Wheelock said in an interview with LifeSiteNews. “If I didn’t yield myself to the Lord and follow His lead, these little munchkins wouldn’t even exist! It overwhelms me to think that an entire generation—my kids, their kids, and onward—wouldn’t have even been possible if I didn’t embrace the plan that Jesus was showing me.”


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