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“God if You exist You have 5 minutes to show me”: ER Doctor Give his Life to Christ

Doctor Thomas Blee is an image of success and perfection. He loves his job, lives a comfortable life, and enjoys materials gains that he had reaped from his hard work. Behind his seemingly perfect life was a troubled person who went through many phases and finally found ultimate refuge in God.

Tom grew up in a troubled home. His mom was an alcoholic and was always sick. His dad was also a workaholic to escape the troubles in his marriage.

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He is used to hearing nuns in school asking him, ‘Tom, is your mom sick again?’ Because of his imperfect childhood, he projected a perfect image of himself but deep down, he was stricken with anxiety.

Nothing could keep Tom’s anxiety at bay. In the past, he used to think that Jesus could not help him.

Whenever he goes to church, he would tell himself while looking at Jesus in the crucifix, ‘There’s the savior that’s supposed to save me hanging on the cross who never comes out the cross.

At sixteen, Tom became skeptical and stopped going to church. He thought that if he worked hard on his career, he could finally escape his dysfunctional home.

Tom decided to become a doctor. He graduated with flying colors in med school, received numerous awards, and got a job at Mayo Clinic. His career is one of the positive things in Tom’s life. Meanwhile, his marriage was a mess.

Though, he and his wife lived comfortably with material gains and a comfortable house. Their arguments and differences got in the way and rocked their marriage.

“We have the house, we have the cars, we have all these stuff, and it was empty, it was exhausting,”

On March 1, 2014, Tom decided to call his sister, a firm believer in Jesus. He was so tired of his life that he decided to talk to Jesus and surrender all his troubles to Him.

In five minutes of sharing all his troubles, Tom felt a sense of lightness, a change in the atmosphere, a renewed sense of wellbeing that he had never felt before.

‘He came down as a helper, he came down as someone to heal, he’s completely different from the man on the cross,’ Tom shared.

Since then, he has spent more time reading the Bible and joining church activities to nourish his spiritual life. Despite the end of his marriage a year later, he had faith that something better was waiting for him in the future.

“I have nothing right now but you, God. Something is happening, and I trust you,” he shared.

Tom is a classic example of a person who focused on his American dreams. But remember, no matter how many cars, houses, material gains we have achieved, those material possessions are all in vain without God.

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