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God’s Amazing Miracle Happens on Austin Carlile’s Life, Heals and Gives Him Chance to Sing on Stage Again

Put God first in your life and everything will follow. Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness because all of these things shall be added unto you. Anything in this world that you give importance more than you prioritize God is considered as an idol. Anything that stops you from serving God and making Him first in your life makes Him jealous. I’m pretty sure we do not want Him to teach us a lesson by taking away those things from us and realize which is more important.

Austin Carlile is an American musician and also a baseball coach at the same time. Austin is from Pensacola, Florida where he grew up with his parents. He is a former vocalist and is famous because of His music. The time came when Austin came to a point of blaming God for his mother’s death. Her mother died of an aneurysm but later they found out that the main reason for her death is Marfan Syndrome. Marfan is a genetic disorder of connective tissue where most people who have this illness are more likely tall and thin, long fingers and arms as well as legs and toes. A person who suffers from Marfan could experience back pain or scoliosis and it is very painful.

Austin has inherited Marfan from his mom and every time he performs on stage, he was experiencing terrible pain at his back. The doctors already told him to take a rest from his career since it’s affecting his illness so he decided to leave his band. God was watching him closely and at that very moment, God sent somebody to help him and keep the fire burning in his heart. Austin met a group of missionaries who were on their journey and he was shocked when one of them told him about his back problem. How is it possible for a stranger to know what he feels when they just meet the first time? The missionaries touched the different parts of his body and started praying for his healing. Austin was left with no choice but to trust God in order to survive.

After everything that he encountered, he was amazed at how God sent His people to ease the pain that he felt at that very moment. He was able to play baseball after that powerful prayer. God gives a million chance for us to repent and change our ways. Do not let a day pass without offering your lives to Jesus. Be a faithful servant, and you will surely be rewarded.

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