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I Want My Grandma to Be Like Her! Watch This Granny Strolling With Her Walker Suddenly Grooved In The Tune of a Rock Band!

Age is just a number! It’s only the years that says we are old. Our hair may turn gray, our skin may wrinkle, but our hearts remain the same. This Granny just proved it!

This Granny was strolling with her walker when a rock band caught her attention. A good-sized crowd had gathered in the street of Paisley, Scotland to watch the live performance of the band called Badboys as they performed a head-banging cover of AC/DC’s hit classic song “Highway to Hell.”

She paused to listen but how could she resist the tune that probably reminded her of her prime years? It’s not easy to keep still when a good beat catches your ear. So despite the wrinkles on her face and wispy white hair, despite having to walk with a walker, this granny just ignored the fact that she’s old and just busted out her incredible dance moves that’s been hiding.

This granny just started dancing in the groove of this rock tune! The crowd was cheering on her in amazement as she swung her hands around in the air and seemed to play an air guitar. That’s what you call forever young!

Her prime years may have passed and she’s now in her golden years, but this granny is still rocking the free world! She’s an inspiration to everyone who has watched this video and her awesomeness overflows despite her age!

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