Groomsmen Line up before Bride as Little Boy Prepares to Steal Steals the Show

A group of men created a surprise dance for newlyweds, Paco and Carmen, during their wedding reception. The dance started as a flash mob with the dancers sitting among the guests.

When Bruno Mars’ song “Uptown Funk” began playing, the men put on black sunglasses and clapped their hands to the beat. They then pulled Carmen to the dance floor and directed her to the VIP seat.

Paco joined the dancers on the floor, and they performed a dance medley that included Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” and the Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody.” The performance ended with an Asian twist, as the group danced to Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”

The guests were excited and could not sit still while watching the dance. The surprise dance sequence lasted for five minutes and left the wedding party energized and entertained.