Group Of Kids Rocking The Stage Of Ireland’s Got Talent Through Their Quick Moving Feet

Kids nowadays are so different compared to the older generation. Most of the children now are equipped when it comes to technology and it seems like they know everything about computers and other gadgets. As technology changes very fast, kids today are also affected by using these things as part of their lifestyle. Some of the kids are even so dependent on technology wherein every time they’re having tantrums, they would easily calm down by just playing through their gadgets.

But there are still some kids left who enjoys different activities especially singing and dancing. They share and nurture the gift that God gave them just by simply performing in front of the public. Atlantic Rhythm is a group of kids ranging from 11 to 21 years old. Their hobby is dancing and they know for sure that they’re good at it. So the group decided to participate and audition in Ireland’s Got Talent to showcase what they got and make their parents proud.

These kids are really talented and they have a unique style in dancing. They combined the steps of Irish dance to a traditional way of dancing and they did not disappoint! The judges loved their performance and the audience were shouting as they were amazed by these kids talent. They were blessed with quick moving feet wherein they could switch from one step to another continuously. Click play on the video below and watch them as they impress the people who are watching the show.

Atlantic Rhythm storm the stage | Auditions Series 1 | Ireland’s Got Talent
Atlantic Rhythm brought the house down with their trad music and Irish dancing skills. IRELAND’S GOT TALENT FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: VIRGIN MEDIA TELEVISION: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:… WEBSITE:…

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