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Mother Doesn’t Know Her Sailor Son Is behind Her as She Takes Family Photograph

After weeks of planning our Sailor gets to surprise Mom during a family weekend trip to Big Bear Lake in CA. She was sure that he wasn’t going to be home this Christmas.

Little does she realize He will be home for Christmas. And a special thank you Denny’s in Big Bear for helping us make the surprise come together.

She really thinks that she’s looking at a Photoshop type app that adds people into the picture. Everyone is in on the surprise except of coarse mom.

I picked up my son the night before from the airport and we got together with the family and did some careful planning. Grand Daughter (Quinn) was with her uncle for the last 16hrs and was just trying to talk to him and show him the cut out that was made of him.

The hard part was trying to keep her attention forward. Watch her Lol!. This is our special Christmas gift to Mom.

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