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High School Dance Team Putting A Twist On Dance Performance Gave Joy To Audience

Making other people happy through a simple task is something that they will never forget. God gave us different gifts in life to use it in the right way. He gave us bunch of talents to inspire the lives of people around us by putting a smile on their face through our performances. Some people are dragged with problems in life, suffers from a toxic work environment or could probably be drowning due to family problems and seeing something funny from videos or live performances can brighten their day for a while.

The PAC dance team at Walden Grove High School is truly an amazing group of high school kids from Arizona. They surely know how to make people in their community through their groovy dance steps. They performed a dance number themed Wizard of Oz and the audience were bursting in laughter because of the twist that they made. They were a blessing to everyone especially for some audience who witness their funny performance who are probably suffering from hardships in life, at least they have enjoyed for a while.

Dancing is just one of the many talents that God has granted human beings. There are some people who are good in dancing but has just wasted their talent because they’re not even using it to entertain people. There are a lot of dancers who became successful in life because they used their gift in a practical way. Determine the gift that God has bestowed upon you. Practice and nurture your gift because you are lucky to have it. Use your talents to inspire people and bring happiness to the people that surrounds you.

“Wizard of Oz” Homecoming Assembly
The PAC dance team at homecoming Assembly-Wizard of Oz theme Walden Grove High School, Sahuarita Arizona Coach: Kristi Lopez Assistant Coach: Kathya Quihuiz Choreography: Kristi Lopez ft. Cori Anderson, Quincy Harmon, and Malina DeSouza Props: Kristi Lopez, Kathya Quihuiz, and Carlos Quihuiz Contact:

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