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Dad Instantly Loves Baby Boy with Down Syndrome But Sadly Mom Does Not Feel The Same

When Evgeny Anisimov and his wife learned from the doctors that their newborn had Down Syndrome, it shattered their world. 

But it was all the more broken for his wife because she couldn’t bear the fact that their child will not grow up the same way other children will. This was why she decided to leave the baby and her husband altogether.

When they separated not long after the birth of their son, Mishka, Evgeny, did not think to leave his son at an orphanage. He said that it would be inhumane.

But his wife’s reaction came as a shock to him. According to the husband, they had a good marriage and shared the same values.

A person is diagnosed with Down Syndrome when they have an extra copy of chromosome 21. They are perceived to have difficulty in socializing and communicating but the truth is, with proper care and training, they can be a productive part of the society.

This is what Evgeny decided to do. He would raise his child as well as raise awareness for everyone. He knew that the more educated people become of persons with Down Syndrome, the better they would be dealt with.

Mishka’s single father is on a mission to contribute as much as he can to this transformation and demonstrate to the world how special and wonderful persons with Down Syndrome are. The young father wanted to share his tale with the world in order to encourage other parents facing similar struggles to never give up.

The same night they learned about the condition of his son, Evgeny started to read and learn about Down Syndrome. He knows that even though it seems that his life will now be about taking care of his son, he is still committed to do so.

Every child deserves the right to live and to be taken care of because God values life and every human being is made in His image and likeness.

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