Husband Had Brain Injury, Overcome Trial Through Power Of Selfless Love

There are times that we experience happiness in an instance but right after a glance, everything fades and it’s being overpowered by desperate moments. God wants us to be happy and achieve success. He takes good care of His children while the enemy, on the other hand, waits for the right time to attack and target our weaknesses in order to win over Christ. In spite of all the bad things that come along our way, God is always around to catch us every time we fall.

Brianna and Austin are two lucky couple who received the greatest gift from God, their cute little baby boy. Imagine the overflowing happiness that parents could have seeing the fruit of their love. The day that their baby was born was the best day of their lives and they couldn’t afford to thank God for it. God gave them the desire of their hearts but not only that, it came along a big trial that tested their faith. While Brianna was at the hospital giving birth to their baby, her husband Austin was also in another hospital trying to fight the battle of losing his life.

Something worst and unexpected happened and Brianna wasn’t prepared for it. Austin met an accident and had brain surgery. Brianna felt too much sadness at that time and she was in pain but her love for her husband gave her the strength to continue fighting. She sacrificed everything just to take care of her ill husband and this is a great example of selfless love. God was the very first person who exhibited true love. Because of His love to us, He sacrificed His only Son by dying on the cross of Calvary to cleanse us from our sins.

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