LifestyleIn Christ Alone! – Lauren Dingle Acoustic Performance

In Christ Alone! – Lauren Dingle Acoustic Performance

Singer Lauren Dingle had been making her faith known to the world by simply singing Christian songs. She is known as a faith singer and has garnered a huge following of believers worldwide. Recently, she had been criticized by many Christians for saying “I don’t know” on gay issues.

In this era of turmoil, complexity and culture war, people had been shouting at one another to take sides. We are asked to immediately draw the line in the sand and not venture into others’ territories. In a globalized society, we have invisible boundaries. These barriers came into sharp focus when Lauren was interviewed about homosexuality. To the questions about gayism and her answer of “I am not sure” received disapproval and disdain from numerous Christians.

This condemnation from the people who used to give her acclaim and support must have hurt her so. But, the great I Am, whom she had been singing about, powerfully came to her rescue. Jesus calmed her soul, healed her wounded heart and gave her tranquility. Today, we can hear Lauren’s peaceful response to all the accusing fingers as she sings – In Christ Alone. Listen to her singing away all the worlds anger and accusations in the video below.

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