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After 33 Years, Woman Reunites with Son She Had Given Up for Adoption

Adopted children have a sense of longing for their biological parents. But the desire for a mother to see their child whom they gave up for adoption may be a lot more intense.

This is what Melanie Pressley feels whenever June 17 comes around the corner. That was the date of birth of her son. She was 18 at the time and said that she knew she couldn’t support her son financially. She also wanted her son to have a mother and a father. As hard as it was, she went through the adoption process. 

Melanie Pressley with her son. | Source

On the day of his birth, Melanie was not allowed to hold the baby. But her sister asked the nurse if they could. The nurse empathized with them and took them to a private room and told them to take the time they need. That was when the only photo Melanie had of her son was taken.

Melanie has since had three more children and is happily married.

Her son, on the other hand, was adopted by the Vossler family and named Greg. They lived in Stow for about seven years after he was adopted, and then moved to Winchester.

Even though he was not immediately curious about his birth parents, one day when he, himself, had his own wife and children, he felt the desire to find a bond with a blood relative.

“The reason I named my first son Gregory was because he was my first blood relative that I knew. So I wanted to have that bond,” Vossler said.

He took a DNA test in 2018 to learn more about his background and medical history. 

Melanie’s family also knew her longing. So one day, she received a 23andMe gift card from her daughter, Rachel. It was a DNA test kit that could help connect her to her son. But that was not the reason they told her. Rachel said that the DNA test kit is to learn about her medical condition.

But, within days, the DNA matched Melanie and Greg! 

In her excitement, Melanie sent a message to Greg saying, “I believe we’re related.” And then, one thing led to another until Greg and his wife, Chelsea, and sons decided to visit her.

In June, the mother and son met. The meeting was a happy one. They embraced and talked for hours. They even got to meet with the other members of the family.

Melanie reunites with her son, Greg, 33 years after. | Source

“It’s an amazing feeling. And it just goes to show that there’s always room for families to grow and always room for more love within each other,” said Greg.

God will always make the best out of your life. Trust in Him and pray continually and He will answer. Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call on me and I will answer you. I will show you great and mysterious things you did not know.”

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