Indonesian Pilot Saved More Than 140 Passengers From Earthquake Attack Because God Instructed Him What To Do

Darkness seems to invade our lives but the power of God will not allow it to break us. No greater power exists but only the power of God. In the midst of chaos, God is always there to protect us and save us from being harmed. We just need to search for Him in our hearts and listen to His voice. God gives us instructions to follow in order to survive but there are times that we take it for granted and caused downfall to men.

Captain Ricosetta Mafella is a Batik Airways pilot who saved 140 passengers last September 28, 2018, when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Palu, Indonesia. Mafella is fond of singing gospel songs. Most of the time he hums but during the day of the incident he was singing loudly and feels like he wants to worship God with his best. His Muslim co-pilot even joked him to make a CD of his songs.

When they arrived in the skies above Palu Airport, he heard God’s voice in his heart telling him to circle again before landing. Also, by following the voice, He even decided to leave 3 minutes ahead of schedule. What’s incredible, the earthquake attacked Palu just 3 minutes later after they took off.

Mafella did not even think twice but he was sure when he followed what God told him to do. With the air controller’s permission, they immediately set the pace. He wondered why he did such a thing but he couldn’t stop himself not to hold on to the lever. It was God working during that time and that was a miraculous event. God works in mysterious ways and He will not let His children be put into danger.

Watch the video below to hear Captain Ricosetta Mafella’s testimony on how God saved them and became their hero that day!