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Iraqi Christian Who Had a Vision of Jesus Miraculously Survives Being Burned Alive By ISIS – Three Times!

Sean Feucht, head of the non-profit Light A Candle Project, is a man with a mission.  He goes around the world to document stories of people persecuted for their Christian faith.

In his latest documentary entitled “Heart and Hands: Iraq”, Feucht featured the incredible story of an Iraqi Christian. The Yazidi narrated how ISIS forced him to convert to Islam by employing torture.

“They stone me,” he said in the interview.  “They were hitting me with big rocks on my body. The stones were fine, not affecting me.”

Enraged by his defiance, the Islamic extremist poured several gallons of gasoline on him.  They lit him up.  Miraculously, he Yazidi survived unharmed. So, his torturers attempted to burn him alive again – and again. Nothing happened.

The flames did not burn him.  He claimed that Jesus revealed himself to him in a dream but he did not disclose what the Lord told him. It was a secret between him and his Savior.

Feucht himself puts himself in harm’s way to document and bring stories of persecution in the open. The growth of churches in the most dangerous countries to be a Christian encourages him. According to persecution watchdog Open Doors USA, Iraq, China, and India where it most difficult for Christians to practice their faith.

The US State Department issued a notification for all American personnel leave Iraq but Feucht’s team remained to pursue and complete their project. His organization has raised more than $100,000. The amount is allocated for food, mattresses, blanket; and other supplies for the persecuted Christians in that region. Going an extra mile, the organization also offer counseling and trauma therapy for the children to help them recover from their horrific experiences.

“We want to re-define missions for a generation to where we’re actually the first ones to respond,” said Feucht. “That’s the essence of the gospel to go into places where no one else is willing to go.”

The Christian population is declining in Iraq. From 1.4 million in 2002, it went down to 500,000 in 2013; and only less than 200,000 remains to date.  Aware of the situation, U.S. Agency for International Development and Knights of Columbus are forging a partnership to support persecuted Christian groups in Iraq.

The Christian Post reports that the Knights of Columbus has committed more than $25 million to support the needs of persecuted Christian in the Middle East.  The spokesperson of the Knights of Columbus warned that unless other Christians elsewhere support for the persecuted, Christianity “could literally cease to exist”.


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