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90-Year-Old Widow Has Nowhere To Turn, But Then An ‘Army Of Angels’ Show Up at Her Door

Agnes Maple’s home was at a disarray because of neglect from family members. The 90-year old woman was living alone in her own home but one of her sons took advantage and used her property to pile his junk and trash.

Even though Agnes wants to clean up the trash that has collected for years, she can’t do anything because she, herself, needs a wheelchair or a walker to move around.

Since she couldn’t do much, her house is also falling apart. There were holes on the roof and the walls were crumbling.

What’s worse is that neighbors started to complain about the trash which was why she was given a warning and a possible fine of thousands of dollars.

Agnes tried to talk to her son saying, ““I tried to get him to get it out. It was terrible. All kinds of garbage.” But the irresponsible son didn’t do anything.

But as God uses other people to help the weak, Operation Blessing came into the picture. And indeed, they did.

“They’re angels. They came in and cleaned out all the stuff, tore the shed down and tore the trailer down and took everything out,” said the grateful Agnes.

The charity organization that helps whenever they can cleaned out the garbage in Agnes’ backyard, cleared a path to give her a pathway, planted flowers, and even cleaned out the shed.

Agnes was so happy with what they did. She said that she did a good job. “And they’re all my little angels. And I will never forget them. And I love them.”

The old lady also received a surprise from the organization. Operation Blessing asked her what she has always wanted and she said that if they were going to give her something, she would like an air conditioner for her room.

Operation Blessing blessed Agnes with a brand new air conditioner. She was so delighted and said, “God bless them and they’re wonderful. And I love them all. I’ve been blessed and blessed and God has never left me. He’s still with me.”

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