TestimoniesJoseph Solomon’s Stunning Words About Doubting Your Faith Gives Listeners An Important...

Joseph Solomon’s Stunning Words About Doubting Your Faith Gives Listeners An Important Lesson

We all undergo hardships in life and most of the time, we blame God for giving us trials in life. Part of being a Christian is to pass all the tests that the enemy will give you. A lot of temptations will come along your way and this is something that could strengthen your faith in God. Temptations are designed for us to be tested of our beliefs and to determine how much we trust God in different situations in life. We are being tested to keep believing and develop a firm foundation of faith in Christ Jesus.

Joseph Solomon is a known spoken word artist, singer and also a songwriter who was born and raised in Texas. He attracted millions of people viewing all the videos that he uploaded in YouTube because of his wisdom in sharing the word of God through his testimony. Over the past few years, Joseph was recognized in the YouTube channel because there’s a lot of people who love his spoken words. Joseph shared his testimony about how he doubted his faith in Jesus.

In a video uploaded by Joseph Solomon, he shared his story when his niece told him that she is so excited because that particular day their teacher will be introducing Jesus to them. Joseph’s niece is just a little girl who doesn’t know about Jesus yet and hasn’t met Him in person but because her mom tells her that Jesus exists, the little girl believes that Jesus is real. Joseph felt bad thinking about how a little girl overcome the power of doubt in her life when in fact Joseph still doubts his faith at some point. He also shares the story of his grandmother died in a hospital bed with much confidence that Jesus is about to pick her up. Build a strong foundation of faith in God and do not ever doubt His power. God created everything that ever existed and He will reign the kingdom of heaven and earth. Pray to Jesus and ask for His guidance to overcome your doubts.

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