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Kate Hudson Gave Birth To A Baby Girl, Heart Melt When She Saw Baby In Big Brother’s Arms

We all have that awesome feeling every time we have a new family member. A new baby can bring a feeling of too much happiness and excitement. Parents are surely overwhelmed but the siblings are happier that they have a little sibling that they need to take care. Babies are like angels with their sweetness and they are precious gifts bestowed by the Lord.

Kate Hudson is an American actress, author, and designer. She is prominent because of her movies but aside from that, she is also known by people to be a good mother to her children. Kate was born in Los Angeles, California and is a daughter of an Academy Award-winning actress Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson an actor, comedian and a musician.  After a long period of pregnancy filled with terrible morning sickness, Kate gave birth to a baby girl named Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa. Rani’s name came from her mom’s grandfather Ron which everyone in the family missed dearly. Their loved ones went immediately to their house and wanted to see the new baby. Instead of being jealous of a new addition to the family, Kate’s boys Ryder, 14 and Bingham, 7 were thrilled to see baby Rani for the first time.

The boys held Rani to their arms near the chest and gently sang lullabies for her. When Kate saw what they did, her heart was filled with too much happiness thinking that Rani will grow up with her brothers as her protector. They will always be there to protect their little baby and love her for sure. Kate felt touched of what her children did and this love makes her proud as a mother.

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