LifestyleLittle Boy Lost Life for Carelessly Wrongly Eating Cake When Celebrating Thanksgiving

Little Boy Lost Life for Carelessly Wrongly Eating Cake When Celebrating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most awaited celebrations shared by family members and friends. We have different kinds of food on the table, sweet desserts, and cold drinks as we celebrate the feast. Some prefer to be out of town or drive to far places for a change. Whatever way we celebrate it one thing is common among people as Thanksgiving day arrives, we all celebrate happiness and contentment in life.

For the Debbs family, Thanksgiving turned out to be a day full of sorrow and despair. It was one fine day when the family ordered a dinner basket to be shared by the family on that special day. The basket was full of tasty treats that everyone would surely enjoy. It also included a pound of cake meant for dessert. Everyone was so excited while they were waiting for the turkey inside the oven and nobody gave attention to the cake at the corner of the table. Oakley, on the other hand, took a piece of the cake. Later on, he felt some sort of itchiness on his skin and when he told his mom about it, he was given Benadryl.

Oakley was allergic to nuts and the cake that he ate has walnuts as part of the recipe. After the incident, he felt good and played with his cousins outside. When night came and it was the time for the family to sleep, Oakley told his mom that he was sick again. He was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with the onset of serious anaphylactic symptoms that left no time for his body to react. Merrill, his mom called 911 and ten minutes later when they came, Oakley was already blue.

Watch the video below while the little girl administers EpiPen during an attack of anaphylactic response due to tree nuts. This video will surely give awareness to everyone!

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