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Little Boy Poses like Michael Jackson, within A Moment His Talent Show Act Lights up The Stage

Young fans of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, continue to appreciate his music and dance moves, even if they weren’t alive during the 1980s. One such young performer, raised with Jackson’s influence, took his dance skills to the stage.

Dressed in a black suit, single glove, and hat, the boy embodies a miniaturized Jackson as he performs a “hip hop solo” to “Billie Jean,” a track from Jackson’s renowned 1982 album, “Thriller.” The crowd cheers as he impeccably imitates Jackson’s signature moves, complete with spins, kicks, toe stands, and mesmerizing footwork.

The performance mirrors Jackson’s groundbreaking Moonwalk, first showcased during a 1983 live performance of “Billie Jean” on NBC’s “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever” TV special. Although the move had roots in street dancing, Jackson popularized it on a global scale.

The boy’s slick impersonation and his contagious energy earn him more than 12 million views online, proving the lasting appeal of Michael Jackson’s music and moves, and the enduring impact he has on young performers.

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