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Little Cute Girl Portrayed Sheep Role “Stole” Jesus In Manger During Nativity Play, Every one Laughing!

We’re currently seeing a lot of advertisements and presentations with a theme about Christmas since it’s fast approaching. Children at school are preparing for their role plays, Christmas party before vacation as well as exchanging gifts. Church members are also having plays about how Christmas happen and executes how Jesus was born a long time ago. The Bible explains clearly narrative events on how the first Christmas happened. It presents different characters involved and important happenings that everyone remembers until now.

In Tennessee, a little girl named Teegan Benson captured everyone’s attention through a video that went viral. A 2-year-old girl played a role of a sheep during a nativity play. They were having a Christmas program and kids were assigned to portray their designated roles. We all know kids don’t behave all the time and sometimes they’re not aware of the outcome of their actions. The Christmas program was ongoing showing the audience how Jesus was born in a manger when suddenly the little girl took baby Jesus out of His bed. Mary, on the other hand, was trying to grab it from the sheep to put back baby Jesus but the sheep didn’t wanna give it. People started laughing about Teegan’s cuteness. Somebody’s trying to steal Jesus!

Children are God’s blessing to their parents and it is really a wonderful thing that we’re trying to get them involved in God’s ministry. Teach them the word of God because this will serve as their greatest weapon at the time that the enemy will attack them. Teach them to love Jesus and serve only Him. Always remind them to obey their parents for this is pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. Watch the video and check out how little Teegan portrayed as a sheep during their nativity play.

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