Little Girl Surprised Judges With Lively Tap Dance Performance Featuring Her 72-Year-Old Grandfather

They say grandparents start taking care of children the moment they already have their grandchildren. This is the time where they feel too much happiness and even spoil their grandkids because of too much love for them. They often visit the house of their kids and stay there for quiet some time in order to spend quality time with their grandchildren especially during vacations where the kids are out of school.

A 10-year-old girl named Maeve asked something from her grandpa wherein he wasn’t able to say no to his lovable granddaughter. Maeve was told by her mom that her grandpa loves dancing so she took the opportunity to ask grandpa if he can be her tap dance partner. Grandpa didn’t have the chance to refuse but agreed for Maeve’s plan. Grandpa Bill is 72 years old already but his energy is comparable to a young guy especially when he starts to dance. His father and grandmother were dancers too so it already runs in the family being good dancers.

Maeve and Bill were perfect partners and the crowd enjoyed their performance as Grandpa Bill planned a surprise trick for everyone. At the age of 72, who would have thought that he is still able to do a cartwheel? People were amazed by their performance because it was truly one of a kind! It wasn’t just the whole dance that made their performance spectacular but what is heart melting is the support that Grandpa Bill showed to Maeve because of her great love to her.

Tap duo, 10 year old and her Grandfather💗
I posted a small clip of this yesterday I my instagram and so many loved it I decided to share the entire dance. This is my 10 year old daughter Maeve tapping with her 72 year old (yes amazing) Grandfather ( My father-in-law). Maeve asked her Gramps to enter a tap duo in her summer recital.

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