Man Saw $500 At ATM Machine His Next Move Caught Attention Of Local Media

Kindness is a contagious act. Once you have done a generous act to others, they may pay it forward until everything follows. The news today shows how cruel is the world to men but in spite of all the crimes that are happening, there are still people who live with kindness in their hearts. God made a big sacrifice of being nailed on the cross just to show people how loving He is and how concerned He is to mankind. This should serve as an inspiration for men to have the mentality of trying to help others in any way that they can afford.

Bobby Puryear was in a hurry to go to the nearest ATM machine and grab some cash when he was surprised at what happened that day. He was lucky enough to see $500 that was left on the ATM machine by the previous person who used it. Bobby did not even think of taking the money and keep it for himself but instead, he was determined to look for the owner of the money. So he went to the bank and ask the teller as well as the bank manager to check for the previous transactions during that day and look for the person who used the machine prior to him.

The following day, Bobby received an important phone call and he was happy it was the bank manager with an update regarding his request. The manager immediately told him that he is on a three-way-call with the owner of the money. It was an old woman named Edith and she was blessed and thankful that it was a good man who saw her $500. Edith is already 92 years old and she intended to pay her $480 for rent. But because of Bobby’s honesty, she would love to give a reward of $20 to the man who returned her money. Bobby did not accept the $20 reward and instead ask the bank manager to transfer $200 to Edith’s account because he wanted to help. And to their surprise of what Bobby did, they decided to add some extra amount and transferred a total of $500 to the old woman who might need help. Because of this simple act of generosity, Bobby caught the attention of the local television as well as internet users who saw his Facebook post. He wasn’t asking for some fancy attention, he was just trying to do what he thinks is right.

Personal testimony about kindness being shown to people is viral. There is a big percentage that it can be passed forward by people who has experienced the generosity of others. If this continues, the world that we live in will be full of love and hatred will not have a single space on the earth. This is just a simple act but this will surely make our Father in heaven proud of His children!

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