LifestyleMan Shared Blessings To Homeless, Generosity Through God’s Calling

Man Shared Blessings To Homeless, Generosity Through God’s Calling

We were all born uniquely and each one of us has a calling from God. Whatever it is that God wants us to do, we need to do it with all of our hearts. God wants us to have a better future and beforehand, He has already planned what our lives would be. An obedient servant doesn’t question what his master wants but instead, he does it accordingly. You may be born lucky to have all the things that you need in life, but always remember that there are some people who are least fortunate and needed help from us. Sharing what we have could be a small thing to us, but receiving help from others is something that people will never ever forget in their whole life.

We have heard a lot of stories where people are generous enough to feed the homeless. Helping others is one way for them to see Jesus in the face of the people who offered a helping hand. Time will come that we will also need help from others and what you sow is what you will also reap. Remember the golden rule that says whatever you do to your neighbor is what your neighbor will do unto you.

We have uploaded a video below of a man who gave money and food to the homeless. Sharing what you have to others doesn’t mean that you need to give a big amount or something valuable just to help. Your time and your effort towards helping is greatly appreciated. People might forget your name but they will always remember the good deeds that you have done to them. The Bible clearly says in Proverbs 19:17 “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his deed.”

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Jesus Called to Serve The Least Among Us! God bless you man~

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