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Millennials Are Labeled Negative Words? See How John Crist’s Video Talks about Their Plight

Diversity is the fact of many different types of things. It is the condition of being composed of various elements. Diversity is not that complicated. It is simply understanding and accepting that each individual is unique. They differ not just with their identities but also with their beliefs. Respect is the key to diversity for as long as you respect other people’s way of living, you will also beget respect.

Millennials today are criticized because they are labeled not just differently but negatively. They are known to be spoiled, lazy, unreliable and dependent individuals in a majority which lead them to earn a bad reputation in the community. They are the younger generation who needs our support while they tackle the rough journey of life. They need people to discipline them and let them know how hard life gets if they are not equipped. They’re not all that bad! They are fun to be with when we get to know them better and they need our support for them to be productive individuals.

Stand-up comedian John Crist described the millennials in a humorous way by creating a video. He took the idea and apply the humor to convey a very important message to everyone, the plight of the millennials. You will see an old man telling everyone that millennials are having an unfortunate situation and that the need to help is enormous. The video is dripping with sarcasm but you will realize that what it talks about is realistic! Watch the video below and share your point of view about how millennials should solve the problems that are sometimes caused by their own actions.

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