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More Than Ten People Work Together To Save “Freedom” The Horse Who Was Stuck For 12 Hours, This Is What God Told Us To Mercy On The World!

We are all scared to lose our loved ones especially those that we show great affection and concern. It could be our family, friends or even our pets at home. It is really frightening that someday we will not be able to see them again or be with them. Death is part of a man’s life that is inevitable. Only God can tell when this certain phase of our life will come.

Marek Slodkowski encountered a heart-breaking event in his life when his favorite pet, a horse fell off a pit one day. Marek wasn’t expecting this to happen he returned to his barn in Poland. The horse tried to escape in order to survive. Marek also attempted to rescue his horse since he saw that it is already getting weak. He tried to fill the hole with hays to have a higher level in order for Freedom his horse to escape. His idea didn’t work out and Freedom’s condition was already weakening for he had been trapped for hours already.

Marek then finally decided to call the fire department to rescue Freedom. A group of men arrived and tried to take the horse out of the pit but it also failed to work. After a lot of tries, Freedom was able to get out of the hole. Not just because of the help of the firemen who pulled him out but also because he tried to help himself.

We cannot just depend on God’s miracles. The bible tells us that faith without work is dead. Our faith in God should come with an act to show Him that we are worthy of His grace. In whatever situation that life throws us, God is always there to guide His people and serve as the light of men.

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