LifestyleMost Beautiful Amazing Grace You've Ever Heard! (Rosemary Siemens) (2018)

Most Beautiful Amazing Grace You’ve Ever Heard! (Rosemary Siemens) (2018)

My name is Rosemary Siemens,I’m a violinist/vocalist from Vancouver, Canada, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to perform on some of the greatest stages in the world (Carnegie Hall, Vatican, Sistine Chapel) and for 2 U.S. Presidents and Canadian Prime Ministers.

Above all of that, my passion is to use my musical gifts to honor and glorify God! Since I was 3 years old, I’ve grown up singing and playing hymns on my violin, and my passion is to bring these classic/heartfelt songs of praise back into churches and to share them with the world!

With that, I’m REALLY excited to share my latest music video “Amazing Grace” ! This hymn means so much to me – a few years ago I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to play this song at the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican as the first violinist to ever perform there since its inception in 1483!

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