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Mother Turned Shipping Container To A Tiny Home Full Of Love For Her Children

Having all the wealth in the world and living a luxurious life doesn’t define you as a person. We were all created equally from God’s own image and He treats as equal to His children. There are some people who were born lucky in this world possessing everything that they need in life but yet there’s still an empty space in their heart. Living a comfortable life without feeling true happiness doesn’t make you feel contented.

Lulu is a good mother to her children but just like some other parents, she encountered hardships in life. She was forced to leave their house and now they’ve got no place to go. She texted her friends asking for help but then finally she got into a brilliant idea. She was thinking that she doesn’t need a modern house for her family just for them to be happy. Lulu is a hardworking mom who would sacrifice everything for her children. While looking for a new place to live, she got into an idea of making the shipping container into a tiny home where her family can find shelter.

The house was just too small but there are windows on it and her children have a bed to rest inside of the tiny house. Teach your children to be contented of what you have in life. We often complain and ask God the things that we need but we tend to forget thanking Him for the blessing that we have on hand. Appreciate simple things in life because what is important is love and happiness shared among you and your loved ones.

California DIY, shipping container tiny home and a cargo trailer bedroom
Lulu is a single mom who’d gone back to school and didn’t have the time or interest in working full-time to pay for rent. So when she had to move out of her more conventional home, she decided to move herself and her daughter into a shipping container.

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