ArchiveRapture Dream from 3 Year Old That Jesus is Coming

Rapture Dream from 3 Year Old That Jesus is Coming

My son woke me up this morning and what he’s said will shock you…

He told me when he saw his brother and sister in heaven they had on “Jesus clothes”.. He also said his sister had on “Jesus clothes” that was a “little baby one”… I asked him what Jesus had on when He came and he said “Jesus clothes”.. He said it was night time when Jesus came.. Then he told me he saw a lot of angels come and flapping their wings and I asked him how many and he started counting, one, two, three, four, five, ten, etc. So more than he can count. He told me the “demigods” which are most likely angels were jumping in the clouds and are about to come down and get us. Then he told me he saw many “creatures” in heaven. He said he saw giraffes, horses, elephants, etc.

Then he said he saw me in heaven. He said I had a beautiful dress on. Then he said the baby in my stomach was in heaven.. He told me I was pregnant and the baby was in heaven. .. I have never told my kids I have miscarried after he was born before my daughter. . But he saw that child in heaven. He told me in Heaven, everyone was telling Jesus thank you. .. for bringing us to Heaven.

I praise God for his life and the Holy Ghost Fire of God that protects my children.. Jesus is coming very soon… Please repent from all your sin and come to Jesus… Awesome! All Glory belongs to God..

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