Rapture Dream from 3 Year Old That Jesus is Coming


My son woke me up this morning and what he’s said will shock you…

He told me when he saw his brother and sister in heaven they had on “Jesus clothes”.. He also said his sister had on “Jesus clothes” that was a “little baby one”… I asked him what Jesus had on when He came and he said “Jesus clothes”.. He said it was night time when Jesus came.. Then he told me he saw a lot of angels come and flapping their wings and I asked him how many and he started counting, one, two, three, four, five, ten, etc. So more than he can count. He told me the “demigods” which are most likely angels were jumping in the clouds and are about to come down and get us. Then he told me he saw many “creatures” in heaven. He said he saw giraffes, horses, elephants, etc.

Then he said he saw me in heaven. He said I had a beautiful dress on. Then he said the baby in my stomach was in heaven.. He told me I was pregnant and the baby was in heaven. .. I have never told my kids I have miscarried after he was born before my daughter. . But he saw that child in heaven. He told me in Heaven, everyone was telling Jesus thank you. .. for bringing us to Heaven.

I praise God for his life and the Holy Ghost Fire of God that protects my children.. Jesus is coming very soon… Please repent from all your sin and come to Jesus… Awesome! All Glory belongs to God..


  1. Almighty God in the name of Jesus. I’ll repent of my sins to you, I confess all my sins of my father I ask you put a shoulder arm around my family bless us. And each and everyone that believes in you and the name of the father the son and the Holy Ghost amen.

  2. Jesus will come back to the earth very soon now to claim those who have lived in love with him! Release all of your hatred that you have against anyone today! Forgive your enemies. Confess your sins!!!

  3. I had a dream a month ago that I looked into the sky and there was fire falling out the sky like stars and balls of fire and the earth beneath us was cracking and fire was coming out the cement and I was in the car with my grandma my son and my auntie and I was crying because I couldn’t get to my mom and I feared it was the day tme I was ever going to be able to ever talk to her again. And then in the horizon. A river of fire was headed our way . So I kissed my son who is 10 months goodbye . And everything went dark and then I woke up out my dream afraid and turned all my lights on and felt like someone or something was watching me near my bed … haven’t thought about that dream till now but I felt so real

  4. i just want to state that these are all wounderful storys n are Might LORD Jesus Christ is coming don’t know wen but he is coming…So i ask everybody please Accept Jesus Christ into ur hearts well you still have the chance and ask him to forgive you for all your sins bc i know i have my fear share…I love you My LORD Jesus christ Amen…

  5. I want to share mine. I’m not good in English so I’m sorry. Last time I dream about a 3 stars are lining in One line then suddenly the time stop and I saw people not moving then suddenly the stars ive seen drop down in front of me all I can see is Light pure white , I thought the light will take me then suddenly they take my sister then people move again and get panicked. Then after my dream two days after, my grandmother died because of heart attack. My grandmother she is the one who raised me till I get 5 years old. And after that I dream again that I’m staring into our window in 2nd floor then saw the beautiful clouds like heaven and saw my grandma whos waving at me with smile in her eyes and saying ‘don’t worry I’m fine now and Happy”. Then I get up from a sleep to look out the window checking if its true or not, then I cried. That day happened after my grandmother burial.

    • Those stars you see in a line is above us i see them every night and i wonder about them everytime i look at them i live in South Africa and i see them every night there one’s that shows the cross also

  6. I just wanted to tell the young lady that said she was thinking about committing suicide, don’t do that,God has a hope and future for you one of Good and not of evil..pray and trust God He will direct your steps and work in you to do his good Pleasure, He will make away for you..Read the Bible, Jesus loves you..if you commite suicide your soul will go to Hell for All eternity…

    • Heidi I need to tell u that when u commit suicide if u truly have a relationship with Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour U ascend straight to God in Heaven. Man has taught that u go to hell…Not God. That is a man made rule and is taught in many churches/religions. God knows our hearts. Can u find that statement in the bible? No u can’t. There is only one unforgivable sin in the bible and that is blasphemy against God…inwhich means denying and turning from God! If u r a true Christian u ascend immediately to heaven with God for all eternity. Man has taught damnation not God… The Father, Jesus…The Son and The Holy Spirit.

      • Jan. Matthew 12:31 Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And concerning acessention to heaven after you die. Please read 1 Thessalonians 4:14-17. May God blessings continue to be with us all🙏🙏.

  7. I had a son Rocky that was paralyzed in a accident then died in another accident, my other son David was in prison when his brother died. His brother was a very Christian man so we know he was in Heaven, one day he came to see my son Davud in a dream in prison Rocky loved hot rods he was in a hot rod cloud my son said with his feet hanging out , yes he now had legs he took my David in a ride in the clouds to my house. The reason being I was grieving so bad to tell me he was fine , he had never seen my house before they arrived to the back of my house and landed on the ground. Then Rocky told David watch what I can do and he touched the ground and a beautiful creek appeared filled with beautiful fish that they have never seen before. Rocky said do you see mom if you know me I don’t have blinds on my window and they saw me looking out the window and crying. Rocky said we have to go now God said I could only come so you could give mom a message from me that I made it I’m fine then David woke up . When he was released from prison and saw my house for the first time he ran around the back feel on his knees and started screaming see this was the first time to be here and this is were Rocky brought him this is we’re the creek was this is we’re he set with Rocky on the ground and knew that his dream was real this happen and he begin thanking God and told me the story and gave me the message from my son. God is real and they didn’t no that day I was so upset Rocky had only been dead now for a week my family left and I was praying for Rocky to give me a sign he made and that he would watch over and keep me and David safe.That very sane day my husband told me to go get in my pool it always helped calm me down I was still crying so bad and all of a sudden about 15-20 monarch butterflies surrounded and landed on the edge of my pool when I open my eyes from praying they were there and they stayed until I got out. God loves us and wants us to know he is there and he is listening and that he does love us so much. Even though I didn’t know why after my son just got baptized that day 1 hour 45 minutes later he took him home. He had a reason and this I never understand but he is listening always don’t lose face believe, I hope you know my Jesus if not close your eyes and ask God to come into your heart and forgive you of your sins and begin to thank him. Dear Lord we need you now come in Jesus name Amen

  8. I had a dream about 4 nights ago that really made me think… There was an explosion like with an A bomb and we could look at it and see it coming towards us… but as we were dying things started going in reverse kinda like a do over. .. It starteled me and I woke up… But strange anyways.