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Muslim Restaurant Posted A Sign For Christmas Creating A Commotion On The Internet

Christmas is the best time to share what you have and let others feel that they are being taken cared of. Not all people are fortunate to have good food on the table and presents to open during this holiday season. Some might be alone and don’t have anything to share with their family members because of poverty. Some can also be less fortunate that they can’t even grab a good meal just to feel the spirit of Christmas. There are also some elderly people who are just left alone because their children already have their own family and they’re being neglected. Whatever situation it is one thing is for sure, everyone has the right to celebrate the birth of Jesus our Savior.

Hasan Masud is the owner of London Restaurant and knowing that he’s a Muslim, he does not celebrate Christmas as they have different traditions. But whatever our religion is, we are all equal in the eyes of God. It was during Christmas day when Hasan came up to an idea that made a big noise. He posted a sign outside his restaurant that touched the hearts of many because of the generosity that he showed. The sign says that his restaurant is giving a free meal for the homeless and elderly people to let them feel that they are not alone for Christmas. He prepared a 3-course meal which surely tastes good and homeless people doesn’t need to pay anything but just sit in and have fine dining.

Somebody took a picture of the sign outside the restaurant and everyone was amazed at Hasan’s good deed. He wasn’t trying to get any attention at all. His intention was good and his heart is covered with kindness offering a hand to homeless people. The picture was posted on the internet and it went viral. This is just an example of a simple act of kindness but through this, many lives are touched and can be transformed believing that regardless of what is happening to the world right now, we are still lucky to meet people who truly has a good heart.

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